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  1. All academic papers related to management topics that has not been published in other academic journals are eligible to be published in the Journal of Management and Business Research. Manuscripts that have been submitted to other journals and are currently under review and published papers should not be submitted to the Journal.
  2. All listed authors of the submitted manuscript agree that after publishing the submitted manuscript on the Journal of Management and Business Research, authors’ economic rights are transferred to the Chinese Management Association. Authors retain moral rights and the rights to collectively publish or use the work for teaching and other personal, non-profit uses.
  3. All listed authors of the Journal’s published works must agree that after papers have been published on the Journal of Management and Business Research, their economic rights are authorized to the Chinese Management Association and its partners and collaborating organizations for digitalization, replication, and other value-added processes and to be stored in databases accessible through terminals, the internet, wireless networks, and other means of public transmission to provide users with searching, browsing, downloading, transmitting, printing, and other services and products.
  4. The Journal accepts submissions in Chinese and English. Content must include a Chinese abstract of 350 characters or less and an English abstract of 200 words or less (abstracts must explain the issue studied and its importance, methodology, results, etc.) and a maximum of five key words. Chinese (English) manuscripts must be typed from left to right with 10-point fonts and minimum 17-point spacing. The first word of table and figure titles must be capitalized. Table titles are placed above the table; figure titles are placed below the figure. English words found in Chinese texts, including English terminology in parentheses, are typed in lowercase with the exception of proper nouns. Please refer to the Journal’s format guide for details.
  5. Submissions should be written in the following order: Chinese and English titles, Chinese and English abstracts, Chinese and English key words, main body, works cited, and appendixes.
  6. Submitted Chinese (English) papers in principle should not exceed 25 pages (including title, Chinese and English abstracts, key words, tables, figures, works cited, appendixes, etc.).
  7. Please have English papers or content (such as abstracts or main body) proofread and embellished by professionals to facilitate reading by reviewers and readers.
  8. The author is responsible for proofreading of the paper after typesetting and returning the proofread manuscript to the editorial room within one week from the date of receipt. The Journal reserves the right to modify the layout to maintain editorial standards.
  9. Works cited must be listed based on actual references in the text. Please list Chinese works first, followed by works in English. Chinese works are listed according to the number of strokes in the authors’ names while English works are listed in alphabetical order. Refer to the Academy of Management Journal where rules are unspecified.
  10. Authors of Chinese submissions must translate and romanize Chinese works cited according to the Journal’s specified format after receiving the “letter of conditional acceptance” and submit a 1200- to 1500-word English summary. English content (including English abstract and English summary) has to be revised by professionals and a certificate of revision has to be submitted. If authors fail to provide such certificates, the editorial room will identify the quality of English content. A formal letter of acceptance will be issued after confirmation.
  11. Authors of English submissions must have English content revised by professionals after receiving the “letter of conditional acceptance” and a certificate of revision has to be submitted. A letter of acceptance will be issued after confirmation. If authors fail to provide such certificates, the editorial room will identify the quality of English content and will issue a formal letter of acceptance after confirmation.
  12. Starting from Nov. 1st, 2018, each manuscript submission is charged submission fees of NT$1,000 and another publishing fee of NT$2,000 after acceptance for publishing. Contributors are requested to first remit or transfer submission fees to the Chinese Management Association’s Taipei Fubon Bank Nanmen Branch (bank code: 012) account (510210069850) and fax or upload the submission fee receipt to the online submission system of the website of the Chinese Management Association. Thank you for your support.
  13. The Journal has fully adopted online submissions. Please gather and upload all of the following material to the Journal’s “Submission Section”:
    1. Author information form
    2. Anonymous manuscript
    3. List of recommended reviewers (4-6 people)
    4. Submission fee receipt
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