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Volume 35 No.4 has been published: Editor's Note

As the oldest and most representative academic journal in the field of management, the Journal of Management and Business Research has entered its 35th year since establishment. When I took over as the chief editor of the Journal of Management and Business Research in April, 2014, I expressed the dream to shorten the turnaround time for reviewing manuscripts, with the goal of completing the preliminary manuscript assessment within 60 days on average. According to examining the latest statistics, the average time expended was 42 days for each of the nearly 60 manuscripts that were submitted in the past year, so we have already achieved the goal of completing initial manuscript assessment within 60 days on average. We hope we can continue to maintain such a turnaround time and provide authors and reviewers with better and faster service through electronic review methods.

This issue of the Journal of Management and Business Research also included the Editorial Room's Feature Articles. The feature article of this issue is the Chinese version of the English article The Research-Teaching “Oneness” of Competitive Dynamics: Toward an Ambicultural Integration, published this June in the Asia Pacific Journal of Management by Prof. Ming-Jer Chen, Chair Professor of Darden School of Business, University of Virginia. Prof. Chen has been the President of the Academy of Management (AOM), and his academic contribution is highly recognized from home and abroad. This article is based on the research result of “competitive dynamics” as theme and explores how the “oneness” of research and teaching can be achieved. This has been a considerable concern for Chinese scholars in their academic career. I hope that the readers will reflect and find the balance between research and teaching through Prof. Chen's article. Here I would like to express my sincere gratitude toward Associate Professor Hao-Chieh Lin from National Sun Yat-sen University and Ms. Wan-Chien Lien from National Chengchi University for their work of Chinese translation; I would also like to thank Prof. Kwei Tang, Prof. Chen-Fu Chien and Prof. Chao-Tung Wen for their response papers to this article, which greatly expand the viewpoint of Prof. Chen's article. I believe that these articles will bring further inspiration for personal academic research and career of the readers.

The Journal of Management and Business Research has started to implement digitization of the submitting and reviewing process since the end of 2014. By expediting reviewing process through online system, the overall efficiency of operation is improved. The website has been updated in the past few months in order to provide authors and reviewers with better platform. In addition, completely open access to downloading papers is now available. You can directly download full text of a paper without logging in as a member. Hopefully this can better meet users' demand. The English version of this website has been freshly launched as well for the convenience of foreign scholars. Please feel free to visit our website.

In this issue, four articles are published in total. In the first article, “Residual Momentum and Investor Sentiment”, the authors hypothesize that the profitability of the residual momentum strategy is induced by investors' underreaction to the firm-specific information, and then further explore the impact of residual momentum strategy under different sentiments of investors. The research result indicates that the profits to the residual momentum are higher following periods of high investor sentiment, and that the persistence of profit exists only following high-sentiment states.

The second article, “Revisiting the Value of Political Ties: The Value of Political Ties under Scandal”, aims to explore the value of connection between firms and politicians, such as the value of political ties when firms are in scandal. This study is conducted through case analysis with media material, and it takes four companies that had scandals as research targets. This paper starts out from the standpoint of non-market strategy, and the result can serve as a reference for firms when establishing political ties.

The third article, “The Effect of Market Imperfection and Stock Price Volatility on the Forecasting Performance of Index Futures Prices during the Global Financial Crisis”, examines whether spot return volatility and market imperfection are important factorsin pricing stock index futures by comparing the forecasting performance of the cost of carry model, Hemler and Longstaff (1991) model with spot return volatility, and market imperfection model and implementing a series of robust analysis for the global financial crisis period.

The fourth article, “Mediation Effects of Employee Motivational Orientations on Relational Psychological Contract and Innovative Behavior Relationship: The Moderating Role of Supervisor Prosocial Motivation”, draws on psychological contract theory, motivational orientations perspective and dual roles framework of manager and explores the relationship between Relational Psychological Contract (RPC) and employees' innovative behavior. Furthermore, it uses employees' prosocial value motivation and self time management as mediation effect to examine the outcome of such mediation effect being moderated by supervisor's prosocial value motivation.

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