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Volume 36 No.1 has been published: Editor's Note

As the oldest and most representative academic journal in the field of management, the Journal of Management and Business Research has entered its 36th year since establishment. When I took over as the chief editor of the Journal of Management and Business Research in April, 2014, I expressed the dream to shorten the turnaround time for reviewing manuscripts, with the goal of completing the preliminary manuscript assessment within 60 days on average. According to examining the latest statistics, the average time expended was 49 days for each of the nearly 60 manuscripts that were submitted in the past year, so we have already achieved the goal of completing initial manuscript assessment within 60 days on average. We hope we can continue to maintain such a turnaround time and provide authors and reviewers with better and faster service through electronic review methods.

TheJournal of Management and Business Research has been dedicating to launching various kinds of measures to promote the review quality over the past years apart from paying attention to the speed of review. For instance, in order to strengthen the review skills of the reviewers and to enhance the reviewer crew, the Editorial Room has begun to hold the “Academic Papers Reviewer Workshop” since 2014, inviting 30 scholars academically active in each sub-managerial field to participate every year. Starting from 2016, the workshops aimed to assist young scholars to capture crucial research issues and to successfully publish their research results in international journals, besides strengthening reviewers' review skills. The workshop has received high acclaims and was held again in 2018. Prof. San-Lin Chung, Prof. Chang-Ya Hu and Prof. Yi-Ching Hsieh were invited to share their own research results and they had exchange of views with the participants. The workshop was highly recognized by the scholars who participated. The Editorial Room hopes that it can arrange different kinds of academic activities in the future to better increase the quality of the papers of this journal and cultivate more academic talents of the field of management in Taiwan.

The UMC Management Paper Award, sponsored by United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), has entered its 9th year. Through rigorous steps of primary, secondary and final review, theJournal of Management and Business Research achieved excellent results. The three papers, Information transparency on the closing session and price efficiency in the Taiwan stock market, Predictability of Investor Sentiment of “Low-volatility Anomaly” in Distinct Market States, and The Impact of Technical Analysis on Volatility and Size Effects in Taiwan Stock Market, received the Excellent Award. The two papers, Effects of Comparability on Perceived Price Increases and Repurchase Intentions and Measuring Credit Risk with Default Correlation, received the Honorable Mention Award. This journal hereby congratulates the authors on receiving such an extraordinary honor.

Four articles are published in this volume. The first article, "The Effect of Staggered Boards on Corporate Innovation", aims to investigate the linkage between staggered boards and corporate innovation in the U.S. This study uses the sample of S&P 1500 firms listed in the U.S. in the 1995 – 2012 period, along with the patent and citation data from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and the patent citation database from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as proxy variables of corporate innovation to examine empirical tests. The empirical evidence shows that staggered boards can indeed help companies foster their innovation output.

The second article, "External Credit Report Information Value for Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms", examines whether external credit agency reports offer valuable information to peer-to-peer (P2P) online lending platforms. Based on data from Lending Club, the world's largest online P2P lending platform, this study focuses on changes in borrowers' FICO credit scores and the effect of these changes on default probability and breach severity (default ratio). The results suggest that borrowers' default probability and breach severity decrease as FICO credit score increases, and vice versa.

The third article is "Eat Hard not Soft Food: Effects of the Description of Oral Haptics on Calorie Estimation". Based on the mental association mechanism and image schema theory, along with college students and graduate students as research targets, this study explores the impact and mechanisms that different types of textual descriptions (soft vs. hard) have on consumers' calorie estimations. The results show that textual descriptions, camera angles of food and so on will affect food perception; the effect of oral-haptic descriptions on purchase intention depends on consumers' food consumption goals. These findings provide practical suggestions for food manufacturers in terms of advertisement design and for consumers in terms of consumption decision.

The fourth article, "The Impact of Mentoring Vocational Function on Job Performance: The Mixed Effect of Mediating and Moderating", explores the impact that the mentoring vocational function and organizational commitment of automobile salespersons in Taiwan region has on job performance by integrating social learning theory, organization theory and social exchange theory. A mixed model is formulated by using organizational commitment as mediator and service sabotage intention as intervening variable. The research results serve referential value in terms of theory and practice.

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March, 2019
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