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List of “2019 JMBR Thesis Awardr”
The list of the "JMBR Thesis Awardr” in 2019 is as follows:
Journal of Management and Business Research Best Paper of the Year

【The Effects of Difficult Work Assignments via Electronic Communication during Non-work Time on Employee Negative Affect, Stress, Recovery, and Task Performance: The Moderating Roles of Leader-Member Exchange and Agreeablen】
35(3): 307-331
Nai-Wen Chi, Yi-Chin Tsai

【Abusive Supervision and Employee Voice Behavior: Mediation of Voice Efficacy and Moderation of Political Skills】
35(3): 355-382
Authors: Jui-Chih Ho, Chi-Tung Tsai

Journal of Management and Business Research Best Paper of Practical Value

【The Determinants of Operational Risk on the Firm and CEO Characteristics in Industrial Firms】
35(2): 159-188
Authors: Sheng-Syan Chen, Keng-Yu Ho, Po-Hsin Ho, Wei-Ying Nie

【Risk and Solvency Assessment of the Life Insurer: An Examination of the Interest-Sensitive Life (ISL) Insurance Policies】
35(3): 333-354
Authors: Shih-Chieh Chang, Ya-Wen Hwang, Ruei-Ci Hong, Wei-Chu Tzeng

【Revisiting the Value of Political Ties: The Value of Political Ties under Scandal】
35(4): 481-501
Authors: Menghang Dong, Chia-Yu Kou-Barrett


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