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Volume 37 No.1 has been published: Editor's Note

Journal of Management and Business Research》has been being the most long-standing managerial journal, the most representative academic journal, and stridden over the 37th year with a highly reputation from the field of managerial academy. The editorial review board of JMBR has strived for improving a process of the first reviewing manuscript efficiently in 60 days. Indeed, the editorial review board has consumed 56 days to accomplish estimated 60 manuscripts at last year. The reviewing process would maintain the efficiency as well as provide a more prompt and high quality service through an E-authorial submission and E-editorial reviewing.


Journal of Management and Business Research》has been collected and merited a ranking at the level of Tier 1 journal from the Taiwan Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI) journal list by the Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Science, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) again, at the end of 2019.《Journal of Management and Business Research》is the one of the first batch of managerial journals to be collected in TSSCI, MOST (former NSC) since the year of 2000. The journal has been merited an appreciation its quality of academic by the evaluators of the committee from the TSSCI in a conscientious system of reviewing process and publications of special issues regarding to update the last academic development and movement non-periodically. Also the journal has a"Feature Articles" inviting distinguished scholars providing influential literatures and attracted relevant scholars reflections, holding an academic reviewing workshops, and rewarding the best reviewers. We acknowledge all efforts from successive chief editors and editorial boards and supports from advanced fellows by making a superior journal continually.


Holding the “Journal of Management and Business Research Paper Award”since 1992, we anticipate to be aware of more advanced scholars participations at submitting their manuscripts to the JMBR as well as recognizing this honorable rewards. After reviewing, appraising and rewarding from couples of articles through the second half of year of 2019 based on all published papers of JMBR at last year. There are two papers titled “The Effects of Difficult Work Assignments via Electronic Communication during Non-work Time on Employee Negative Affect, Stress, Recovery, and Task Performance: The Moderating Roles of Leader-Member Exchange and Agreeablen”and “Abusive Supervision and Employee Voice Behavior: Mediation of Voice Efficacy and Moderation of Political Skills”respectively and rewardedJournal of Management and Business Research Best Paper of the Year” in 2019. Additionally, three papers are titled “The Determinants of Operational Risk on the Firm and CEO Characteristics in Industrial Firms”, “Risk and Solvency Assessment of the Life Insurer: An Examination of the Interest-Sensitive Life (ISL) Insurance Policies”, and “Revisiting the Value of Political Ties: The Value of Political Ties under Scandal” respectively, rewardedJournal of Management and Business Research Best Paper of Practical Value” in 2019. All the winners invited to participate in the award presentation ceremony of The Chinese Management Association Annual Conference in 2019. All readers are welcome to recognize the awarded papers from the JMBR.


Journal of Management and Business Research》recently has not only regarded at the efficiency of reviewing process but also promoted the improvement of reviewing quality. The “Academic Papers Reviewers' Workshop” has been held to increase the both of quantity and quality of reviewing since 2014. There were estimated 30 active scholars invited from varied managerial fields participating in the workshop yearly together in a series of six years. It does not only enhance reviewer's reviewing competence but also anticipate assisting young scholars in perceiving potential research issues and producing influential papers as well as publishing manuscripts in national and international journals successfully. The JMBR held the workshop again in 2019 and invited Professors Keng-Yu Ho and Nai-Wen Chi  to lead discussions at “How to be a better reviewer" as well as invited Professors  T.K. Peng and Chi-Tung Tsai shared their experiences in researching and writing academic papers. All participants from activities have highly appreciated the workshop positively. We prospect to hold a variety of academic activities to enhance the quality of journal continually multiply, to cultivate more academic managerial professionals domestically as well as build up a better academic platform of communicability and interexchangeability.


The “UMC Management Thesis Award”, sponsored by United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), has been lunched in the 10th year. After competing rigorously at three-phase of the first, second and final reviewing, the “Journal of Management and Business Research” triumphed an outstanding praises. The paper titled “A General Framework for the Valuation of Loan Guarantee Contracts: Plain Vanilla Option Structures vs. Barrier Option Structures” recognized “the Excellent Award”. At the meanwhile, another paper titled “Consumer Need for Authenticity: Conceptualization and Scale Development” gained “the Honorable Mention Award”. The journal, hereby, congratulates the all authors on recognizing these outstanding laurels.


There are three papers published in this volume. The first paper, titled “Parenting Motivation Salience Effect on Consumer Conformity, by applying the fundamental motive framework of evolutionary psychology”, this research investigated the effects of parenting motivation salience on consumer conformity.Consumers' interdependent self-construal orientation mediated the relationship between parenting motivation salience and consumer conformity.The research demonstrated the parenting motivation salience enhanced consumers' preference for products selected by the majority and purchase intention for products with high-popularity cues.The study also showed that consumer is higher purchasing intention and will choice popular product preferred by a majority of consumers, particularly, the popular product among in-groups if this effect was weakened.


The second paper, titled “Does the Gender Composition of the Board affect Corporate Performance and Decisions? Evidence from Family Firms and Conglomerates”, examines the effect of board gender diversity on firm performance, R&D investments and cash holding.By the sample of all public-listed companies (estimated 861companies excluded the companies from the banking and insurance industries and uncompleted data) on the Taiwan stock market over the period for 17 years from 2000 to 2016, the study examines the effect of board gender diversity on firm performance, R&D investments and cash holding.Overall our findings indicate that firms with more gender-diverse boards have better operational performance, engage in fewer R&D activities, and face a lower risk of capital need; these effects, however, vary among different holding company structures.


The third paper, titled “Must Be Framed to Legitimize: A New Venture in the Chinese Peer-to-Peer Lending Industry”, draws on the framing perspective to examine the role of social context and entrepreneurs' framing strategies in establishing new venture legitimacy and how different dimensions of legitimacy evolve over time in new venture legitimation.The framing perspective indicates relationships among social contexts included culture, value, belief and ideology widely), actor's verbal content and recognition of audience as well as provide to analyze interactive relations among social structure, organization and verbal action. The researchers propose that framing involves three strategic actions: interpretation, translation, and communication and required resources and skills for entrepreneurs to implement these actions.


Chief Editor Jia-Chi Huang
Professor of National Chengchi University
March, 2020

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