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Volume 37 No.2 has been published: Editor's Note

Journal of Management and Business Research》has been being the most long-standing managerial journal, the most representative academic journal, and stridden over the 37th year with a highly reputation from the field of managerial academy in Taiwan. The editorial review board of JMBR has strived for improving a process of the first reviewing manuscript efficiently in 60 days. Indeed, the editorial review board has consumed 56 days to accomplish estimated more than 50 manuscripts at last year. The reviewing process would maintain the efficiency as well as provide a more prompt and high quality of the state-of- the-art service through an E-authorial submission and E-editorial reviewing.


Recently, Chief of editor board sincerely invites researcher to submit your draft to two special issues sequentially. The first special issue is《Corporate Financial Decisions and Stakeholders: The Role of Corporate Governance》. The journal sincerely invites a submission a variety of drafts discussing widely at varied relationships among stakeholders, corporate governance, and financial strategies based on relevantvariables. This special issue of JMBR invite Professors He, Keng- Yu and Wang, Yan-Zhi, who are from the Department of Finance, National Taiwan University, serve the Chairs of editors. The submitted draft would be processed in reviewing as soon as it is received. The submission dateline of draft will be due on August, 31, 2020.


The second special issueis《Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics for Sustainable Development Goals》.The issues of Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics have been receiving more attention and interesting from a variety of managerial fields as the environmental evolution has been changing continually. The JMBR anchors, therefore, at this special issue and widely invite multiple- and cross-dimensional researches to explore critical issues from the topics of Corporate Social Responsibility currently. The Chairs of editors of this special issue are Professors Bei, Lien-Ti and Su, Wei-Chieh from the Departments of Business and International Business, National Chengchi University. The submission dateline of draft will be due on January, 28, 2021. All submission types are included full papers, structured abstracts and case studies as well as hold a conference of the special issue on April 30, 2021. The submitting details can be referred from the official website of the JMBR and expect to a warm welcome interested scholars' research manuscripts.


The issues of the 37 volume, No. 2 have published three papers. The first paper is titled in “The Impact of Item Complementarity in Freebie Promotions on Value Discounting” which discusses the based on the value-discounting hypothesis and explores the complementarity in freebie promotions and investigates at the mediating mechanisms whether impacting on value discounting. The research demonstrates a functionally-related complementary (vs. non-complementary) promotions reduce value discounting of both the focal and freebie items. Moreover, promotional attractiveness and perceived risk mediate the impact of functionally-related complementarity on the value-discounting effect. The findings of this research have obvious contributions to both theoretical research and business implication.


The second paper is titled in “Perceived Upward Economic Mobility Affects Consumers' Future Temporal Focus” and investigates the effects of consumers' perceived upward economic mobility (PUEM) on future temporal focus and downstream consequences with an explanation of concrete psychological mechanism. The research design scenarios of consuming activities by consuming intangible products and services. In additional, the research also experiments on the personal voluntary pension system which is set up by the Bureau of Labor Insurance, the Ministry of Labor and boosts the social welfare of retirement labor in a long term. The results of this research not only contribute to academic research, offer relevant marketing suggestions practically, but also provide evidences of influences of theperceived upward economic mobility (PUEM) at promoting public policies.


The third paper is titled in “Does Governance Travel Across Industries? A Mutual Fund Episode” applied the theory of the Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity to examine whether better-managed mutual funds are at the same time good corporate monitors by exploiting small changes in market capitalizations of firms around the Russell 1000 and 2000 index cutoff. The researchers find that increases in ownership by better-managed mutual funds leads to better overall governance with more independent directors, fewer anti-takeover measures, and more equal voting rights. Meanwhile, firms' operating performances are also improved.The results of this research provide evidences for demonstrating a managerial knowledge to be transmittable across industries.


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Professor of National Chengchi University
June, 2020
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