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First issued in 1984, the Journal of Management and Business Research is an academic journal devoted to the field of management. As the submission volume increased year by year, the Chinese Management Association officially created the “Journal of Management and Business Research Paper Award” in 1992 with the aim to elevate academic research quality in the field of management and encourage scholars to actively engage in academic research. The Association expects to draw more participation in the submitting from the elite contributors. Such award will be granted to those whose paper is selected as the most outstanding one.

The Award is held annually. Papers to be evaluated are drawn from articles published in the Journal of Management and Business Research in the previous year. As each paper enters the review stage of the Award, it is evaluated by three reviewing committee members from the specialized field. After multiple rounds of rigorous review, the most outstanding paper is chosen to receive this honor.

The “Practical Value” Award was added in 2014 with the goal for encouraging academic papers to produce practical value and social influence. The content of the paper is closely connected to management practice and provides adequate inspiration for the implementation of firm management practices.

To enhance the dissemination of the Journal of Management and Business Research Paper Award and enable convenient reading, the editorial room has classified winning papers according to subject areas since September 2015 to allow the public to rapidly search for and understand high-quality papers.

In 2016, in order to better reflect the purpose of the awards, the two awards have been renamed as “Journal of Management and Business Research Best Paper of the Year” and “Journal of Management and Business Research Best Paper of Practical Value,” respectively.


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