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Year Volume/ Number Title Author
2008 25 (6) Using Echelon WIP Inventory Control for Semiconductor Supply Chain Management 郭瑞祥 Ruey-Shan Guo蔣明晃 David Chiang
楊博鈞 Po-Chun Yang
2007 24 (5) Generalized Theoretical Analysis on “Taking Loss at the Ordering Time and Making Profit at the Delivery Time" – Programming Models with Changeable Parameters 姜林杰祐 Chieh-Yow ChiangLin
游伯龍 Po-Lung Yu
2003 20 (2) An AHP Group Decision Fusion Model by Fuzzy Integral 耿伯文 Victor B. Kreng
吳昭儀 Chao-Yi Wu


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