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Year Volume/ Number Title Author
2021 38 (3) Curating Social Experience: Fusing New and Incumbent Media Business Models 歐素華 Su-Hua Ou
2021 38 (4) Family Firms and CSR Specialization: Evidence from Taiwanese Listed Firms 傅浚映 Jyun-Ying Fu
2020 37 (1) Must Be Framed to Legitimize: A New Venture in the Chinese Peer-to-Peer Lending Industry 張淑珍 Shu-Chen Chang
李傳楷 Chuan-Kai Lee
洪世章 Shih-Chang Hung
2018 35 (4) Revisiting the Value of Political Ties: The Value of Political Ties under Scandal 董夢杭Menghang Dong
寇家瑜Chia-Yu Kou-Barrett
2017 34 (1) Rebels Gone ‘Cuckoo' with Institutional Causes: The Case of Taiwan's Psychiatric Clinics 洪世章 Shih-Chang Hung
林秀萍 Hsiu-Ping Lin
2017 34 (2) Vacillation between the Exploitation and the Exploration of Technology: Ambidextrous Organization 翁順裕 Calvin S. Weng
2017 34 (3) Why do Firms Publish Sustainability Reports? A Nonmarket Perspective 蘇威傑 Weichieh Su
2017 34 (3) Forming a Learning Network across Transactional Networks: The Case of the A-Team in Taiwan Bicycle Industry 顏孟賢 Meng-Hsien Yen
司徒達賢 Dah-Hsian Seetoo
于卓民 Chwo-Ming Joseph Yu
彭朱如 Tzu-Ju Ann Peng
2017 34 (4) How do Followers Respond to the Leader's Competitive Actions? The Moderating Effect of Multimarket Contact 喬友慶 Yu-Ching Chiao
黃俊儒 Chun-Ju Huang
鄭耿翔 Keng-Hsiang Cheng
丁瑞彥 Jui-Yen Ting
2016 33 (4) Factors Influencing Voluntary Information Disclosure by the Defendant Firms in Patent Infringement Litigation Cases-Perspectives from Game Theory and RBV 彭玉樹 Yu-Shu Peng
蔡語棠 Yu-Tang Tsai
欒錦榮 Chin-Jung Luan


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