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Year Volume/ Number Title Author
2022 39 (4) Unexpected Monthly Revenue in the Taiwan Stock Market: A Comprehensive Analysis 陳柔君 Jou-Chun Chen劉晏睿 Yan-Riu Liu
蕭朝興 Chaoshin Chiao
2021 38 (2) The Effects of Supplier R&D Capitalization on the Trade Credit and the Duration of Customer-Supplier Relationships 陳家慧 Chia-Hui Chen
楊朝旭 Chaur-Shiuh Young
蔡柳卿 Liu-Ching Tsai
2021 38 (2) The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Awards on Corporate Misbehavior 許景嵎 Ching-Yu Hsu
蔡宜均 Yi-Chun Tsai
2021 38 (3) The Effect of Policy Uncertainty on Corporate Cash Holdings: Evidence from Taiwan 盧建霖 Chien-Lin Lu
李建邦 Chien-Pang Lee
葉子瑄 Tzu-Hsuan Yeh
2020 37 (1) Does the Gender Composition of the Board affect Corporate Performance and Decisions? Evidence from Family Firms and Conglomerates 蔡明宏 Min-Hung Tsay
翁培師 Pei-Shih Weng
王子綾 Tzu-Ling Wang
張航 Hang Zhang
2019 36 (1) The Effect of Staggered Boards on Corporate Innovation 陳一如 I-Ju Chen
王衍智 Yanzhi Wang
吳政祐 Cheng-You Wu
2018 35 (2) The Determinants of Operational Risk on the Firm and CEO Characteristics in Industrial Firms 陳聖賢 Sheng-Syan Chen
何耕宇 Keng-Yu Ho
何柏欣 Po-Hsin Ho
聶瑋瑩 Wei-Ying Nie
2018 35 (3) Risk and Solvency Assessment of the Life Insurer: An Examination of the Interest-Sensitive Life (ISL) Insurance Policies 張士傑 Shih-Chieh Chang
黃雅文 Ya-Wen Hwang
洪銳棋 Ruei-Ci Hong
曾暐筑 Wei-Chu Tzeng
2017 34 (2) A General Framework for the Valuation of Loan Guarantee Contracts: Plain Vanilla Option Structures vs. Barrier Option Structures 張傳章 Chuang-Chang Chang
何瑞鎮 Ruey-Jenn Ho
何曉緯 Hsiao-Wei Ho
2017 34 (2) The Association between Three Major Institutional Holding and Firm Capital Structure on the Taiwan Stock Market 蔡維哲 Wei-Che Tsai
翁培師 Pei-Shih Weng
陳婉甄 Wan-Chen Chen


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