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Year Volume/ Number Title Author
2021 38 (1) Investigating the Relationships among Perceived Overqualification, Work Engagement, and Innovative Behavior: Moderating Effect of Promotion Focus 梁欣光 Shin-Guang Liang賴璽方 Hsi-Fang Lai
盧建中 Chien-Chung Lu
陳柏勳 Po-Hsun Chen
2020 37 (3) Neglected Forms of Dispositional Variable-Employee Outcome Relationships 蘭俊棒 Junbang Lan
黃熾森 Chi-Sum Wong
毛伊娜 Yina Mao
彭正敏 Kelly Z. Peng
2020 37 (4) To Mentor or Not to Mentor: A Job Demands-Resources Perspective 胡昌亞 Changya Hu
張詩慧 Shihui Zhang
Ekin K. Pellegrini
黃瑞傑 Jui-Chieh Huang
2019 36 (3) Moving up or Pulling down? The Relationship between Benign and Malicious Envy, Task Performance and Interpersonal Counterproductive Work Behaviors: The Moderating Roles of Personal and Situational Factors 紀乃文 Nai-Wen Chi
古思婕 Szu-Chieh Ku
2018 35 (3) The Effects of Difficult Work Assignments via Electronic Communication during Non-work Time on Employee Negative Affect, Stress, Recovery, and Task Performance: The Moderating Roles of Leader-Member Exchange and Agreeableness 紀乃文 Nai-Wen Chi
蔡宜衿 Yi-Chin Tsai
2018 35 (3) Abusive Supervision and Employee Voice Behavior: Mediation of Voice Efficacy and Moderation of Political Skills 何瑞枝 Jui-Chih Ho
蔡啟通 Chi-Tung Tsai
2016 33 (1) The Empirical Findings of Organizational Behavior in Taiwan: A 30-year Review of Taiwanese Management Journals 戚樹誠 Steve Shu-Cheng Chi
陳淑貞 Shu-Chen Chen
楊美玉 Mei-Yu Yang
朱志傑 Chi-Chieh Chu
賴璽方 Hsi-Fang Lai
2016 33 (3) An Empirical Study of Polychronicity Fit, Work Engagement and Job Performance from the Person- Environment Fit Perspective 張珈進 Chia-Chin Chang
費吳琛 Wu-Chen Fei
藍烈廷 Lieh-Ting Lang
2012 29 (3) Research on the Process of Organizational Change,Conflict and Transformation Led by Family Business 吳建明 Chien-Ming Wu
連雅慧 Ya-Hui Lien
2012 29 (4) Charismatic Leadership in the Chinese Enterprises: Construct Analysis and Scale Development 黃敏萍 Min-Ping Huang
林姿葶 Tzu-Ting Lin
鄭伯壎 Bor-Shiuan Cheng
梁瑋鈞 Wei-Chun Liang


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