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Journal of Management and Business Research, 2021
38( 4 ):497-532
DOI: 10.6504/JMBR.202109_38(4).0004
Do Buyers’ Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Stakeholders’ Pressure Lead to Better Suppliers’ Environmental and Operational Performance?
Among management research subjects, sustainable supply chain is a major one, in which various enhancements of economic, social, and environmental performance factors are to be considered and proposed through buyer-supplier collaboration. This study contributes to existing literature by answering whether buyer's sustainable supply chain management and stakeholders' pressure lead to better supplier's environmental and operational performance. If the answer is positive, what path could it be? We expect the proactiveness of suppliers' environmental strategy may be the key to balance the potential conflicts between economic benefit and environmental expenditure. Empirical evidences from the 135 suppliers of Taiwan Central Satellite Production System have indicated that SSCM and environmental pressure from the stakeholders have positive impact on the proactiveness of suppliers' environmental strategy. The proactiveness of environmental strategy of suppliers mediates the positive impact of SSCM and stakeholders' environmental pressure on suppliers' operational performance. The proactiveness of environmental strategy of suppliers has a positive impact on supplier’s environmental performance. Although it was predicted that the proactive environmental strategy of suppliers might play the mediating role in the relationship among SSCM, stakeholders' environmental pressure and supplier's environmental performance, these two hypotheses were not supported.
Key Words
sustainable supply chain management, pressure of stakeholder, proactiveness in environmental strategy, operational performance, environmental performance
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