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Journal of Management and Business Research, 2021
38( 4 ):533-561
DOI: 10.6504/JMBR.202112_38(4).0005
Does the Suppliers’ CSR Engagement can Actually Satisfy Their Retailer Customer?
This study investigates how long-term orientation and competitor identification enhance the impact of suppliers’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) on retail customer satisfaction by examining business-to-business scenarios according to stakeholder theory and signal theory. We collected data on 210 supplier-customer (retailer purchasing manager) dyads over a six-month period using a two-stage survey design (2019/6–2020/1) based on a sample of a multinational retail store’s suppliers. Our empirical findings reveal that long-term orientation and competitor identification can enhance the impact of suppliers’ CSR engagement on retail customer satisfaction. This study sheds light on CSR by further analyzing the three dimensions of subsequent customer satisfaction while exploring internal and external strategies to achieve competitive advantage.
Key Words
corporate social responsibility, customer satisfaction, long-term orientation, competitor identification
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