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Journal of Management and Business Research, 2021
38( 4 ):563-588
DOI: 10.6504/JMBR.202109_38(4).0006
How can Benevolence be Known? The Influence of CSR Programs and Information Sources on Consumer Attitudes?
Consumers’ suspicion of companies’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) will hinder the development of nonmarket strategies; thus, marketers need to understand how consumers respond to CSR programs. Drawing on the persuasion knowledge model, this study used information sources and perceived CSR authenticity to explore consumers’ response to CSR programs. Using an experimental design method, 335 people were recruited and randomly assigned to two (CSR programs: institutional-oriented CSR, promotional-oriented CSR) by two (information sources: marketing public relations, advertising) scenarios. The results suggest that there are differentiation effects of CSR programs when working with diverse information sources. Furthermore, to foster a positive attitude among consumers, the implementation of institutional-oriented CSR programs should be accompanied by advertising, while the promotional-oriented CSR programs should be accompanied by marketing public relations. The mediating effects of the perceived CSR authenticity can explain the relationship between the interaction effects of CSR programs, information source, and consumer attitude. The findings of this study provide important strategic insights into CSR communication.
Key Words
promotional-oriented CSR, institutional-oriented CSR, perceived CSR authenticity, consumer attitude
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