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2022 39 (1) The Effect of R&D Intensity, Intangible Assets, and Marketing Intensity on Brand Value: The Moderating Influence of National Culture 田正利 Chengli Tien
陳建男 Chien-Nan Chen
2022 39 (1) Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Information Asymmetry 王健聰 Janchung Wang
王泓達 Hong-Da Wang
林財印 Tsai-Yin Lin
2022 39 (1) Beyond Expectations of “Making America Great Again”: Framing Strategy in Digital Social Media 洪世章 Shih-Chang Hung
朱康 Kang Zhu
高鎬 Hao Gao
2022 39 (1) Business Strategy and Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility 池祥萱 Hsiang-Hsuan Chih
林煜恩 Yu-En Lin
池祥麟 Hsiang-Lin Chih
王家慶 Chia-Chin Wang
2022 39 (2) To Be or Not to Be Demonstrative? Toward a Sentiment Analysis of the Platform Economy 洪世章 Shih-Chang Hung
賴俊彥 Jiun-Yan Lai
呂昀融 Yun-Jung Lu
2022 39 (2) The Creation Process of Stylized Knowledge: Exploring Embodied Knowledge in Taiwan B&Bs Entrepreneuring. 蔡敦浩 Dun-hou Tsai
楊婉儀 Wan-I Yang
林韶怡 Shao-yi, Lin
吳孟珍 Meng-Chen, Wu
2022 39 (2) The Emotional Process Linking Customer Mistreatment and Employees’ Physical and Psychological Symptoms: The Moderating Roles of Daily Stressor Appraisals and Trait Empathy 紀乃文 Nai-Wen Chi
陳珮綺 Pei-Chi Chen
高瑋君 Wei-Chun Kao
2022 39 (2) The Effects of Political Advertising Aesthetics on Voter Perceptions, Attitudes, and Voting Intentions toward Candidates 周軒逸 Hsuan-Yi Chou
呂姿穎 Tzu-Ying Lu
2022 39 (2) Are Stock-Price Moving Averages Really Useful? 陳柔君 Jou-Chun Chen
黃敬哲 Jin-Gzhen Huang
蕭朝興 Chaoshin Chiao
2021 38 (1) How can an overseas intermediary facilitate the evolution process of start-ups? Evidence from Taiwan 傅如彬 Ju-Ping Fu
吳清炎 Ching-Yan Wu
胡美智 Mei-Chih Hu


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