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2023 40 (1) The Relationship between Person-Job Misfit and Turnover Intention among Newcomers: The Mediating Role of Organizational Frustration and Moderating Role of Authoritarian Leadership 李庭閣 Tingko Lee
嚴國晉 Kuo-Ching Yen
余宗憲 Tsung-Hsien Yu
2023 40 (1) Get Stronger or Yield? The Perspective of Mental Toughness on The Effect of Dual Authoritarian Leadership 周婉茹 Wan-Ju Chou
鄭昱宏 Yu-Hung Cheng
周德賢 Te-Hsien Chou
2023 40 (1) Investigating the Relationship between Third Parties’ Witnessing Abusive Supervision and Their Performance Improvement 賴璽方 Hsi-Fang Lai
陳淑貞 Shu-Chen Chen
梁欣光 Shin-Guang Liang
陳淑瑜 Shu-Yu Chen
2023 40 (1) The Effect of Visionary Leadership on Change-Oriented Behavior: The Moderated Mediation Model of Hope and Job Insecurity 王克誠 Ko-Cheng Wang
林姿葶 Tzu-Ting Lin
2023 40 (2) Ethical Discipline and Corporate Governance of Confucian Firms: Two Case Studies 胡秀華 Hsiu-Hua, Hu
常逸平 Yi-Ping, Chang
劉世慶 Shih-Ching, Liu
楊政學 Cheng-Hsueh, Yang
2023 40 (2) The Relation between Key Audit Matters Disclosures and Analyst Behavior 劉佩怡 Pei-Yi Liu
陳家慧 Chia-Hui Chen
陳洋 Yang Chen
2023 40 (2) The Role of the Media in Corporate Governance: Do the Media Influence Audit Quality? 王登仕 Teng-Shih Wang
黃劭彥 Shaio Yan Huang
李懿洋 Yi-Yang Lee
林意雯 Yi-Wen Lin
2023 40 (2) The Study on the Relationship between Social Responsibility and Financial Performance of Non-Profit Hospitals 何尹琳 Yin-Lin Ho
蔡雅萍 Ya-Ping Tsai
陳冠臻 Kuan-Chen Chen
李英俊 Ying‐Chun Li
2023 40 (2) Future Career is not a Dream: The Impact of Career Adaptability Process on Career Success 陳怡涵 Yi-Han Chen
林姿葶 Tzu-Ting Lin
2022 39 (1) The Effect of R&D Intensity, Intangible Assets, and Marketing Intensity on Brand Value: The Moderating Influence of National Culture 田正利 Chengli Tien
陳建男 Chien-Nan Chen


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