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The Journal of Management and Business Research was first issued in 1984 by the Chinese Management Association. As the longest-standing, most representative academic journal in the field of management in Taiwan, the Journal of Management and Business Research mainly publishes academic papers and research findings related to business and management, including strategy, international business, organizational behavior and human resources, marketing, information management, production management, technology management, finance, accounting, and other related fields. The Journal is currently published quarterly in March, June, September, and December of each year, with each issue containing 4 to 5 papers. Paper acceptance rate is approximately 20-25%.


The Journal became one of the first business/management journals to be included in the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index (TSSCI) in 2000. According to the Ministry of Science and Technology’s 2007 report “Domestic Management Journal Ranking Project,” the Journal of Management and Business Research overall ranked No. 1 among the 46 management-related publications under evaluation. The Journal was rated an A-level management journal by the Ministry of Science and Technology Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (RIHSS) in 2014, placed first in the National Central Library’s Most Influential Journal in the fields of business/management in 2017, and honored as a Tier 1 journal by the Ministry of Science and Technology’s TSSCI in 2017. In addition, the Journal’s download rate on the digital database Airiti Library is 3.5 times higher than the platform’s average in the most recent year (2017). In terms of internationalization, the Journal has been included in international database EBSCO in 2015 and will continue to apply for inclusion in other international journal databases in the future.


In recent years the Journal has dedicated efforts to improve paper review time. According to statistics from the past two years, time expended from receiving the paper to notifying authors of initial review results averages approximately 54 days, thus consistently reaching our goal of completing initial review within 60 days. The Journal created an intermittent Featured Articles column in 2014 where we invite well-known management scholars to write influential articles, with responses, supplements, and extensions to the main article from 2 to 3 prestigious senior professors. In addition, from time to time the Journal publishes special issues by inviting experts and scholars to act as guest editors to help further develop promising papers on critical topics in hopes of inspiring outstanding work through academic exchange and elevating the standard of academic research in Taiwan.


The Journal of Management and Business Research will continue to uphold the principle of fair, equitable, and objective review, treat every paper with prudence, and rigorously ensure the quality of each published paper to provide a platform for academic research in the field of business/management at home and abroad.

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