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Volume 37 No.3 has been published: Editor's Note

《Journal of Management and Business Research》has been being the most long-standing managerial journal, the most representative academic journal, and stridden over the 37th year with a highly reputation from the field of managerial academy. The editorial rules of policies of reviewing processes of the JMBR will moderately modify with a changing academic environment in the future. The reviewing process of the JMBR has been stricter with evaluating manuscripts at higher quality recently. If the submitted manuscripts did not fit with the quality requirement, they would be rejected possibility. The JMBR would regard as a responsibility to assist a development of academic communities and scholars. The editor board of JMBR, therefore, would offer a modifying improvement opportunity to a potential submission. The reviewing procedure expectably intends to a diagnosing approach and the JMBR and reviewers play roles to assist authors to improve the quality of manuscript and enhance her/his academic development. For this reason, an interested research issue with potential theoretical contribution of submitted paper would like to open more opportunities to modify from reviewers' opinions to clearly as well as offer a guideline and assistance to authors' academic writing gradually. Moreover, the JMBR responds to this changed position that reviewing procedure would be altered from a previously stiff to a widely decision-making to field editors and the editor in chief.

The editorial review board of JMBR has strived for improving a process of the first reviewing a manuscript efficiently in 60 days averagely. Indeed, the editorial review board has consumed 56 days averagely to accomplish estimated more than 40 manuscripts at last year. The reviewing process would maintain the efficiency as well as provide a prompter and a higher quality of the state-of- the-art service through an E-authorial submission and E-editorial reviewing.

National Central Library (NCL) has announced the “109 Taiwan Academic Resources Influence Award List” at the end of July, 2020. The JMBR is honorably rewarded once more at the first place of the “Journal Long-term Dissemination Award” of the managerial field after assessing the resource utilization of the “Taiwan Humanities and Social Sciences Citation Index System” and “Taiwan Journal Paper Index System”!  The assessment provides an evidence of the publications that has been cited widely and continually since the first launch with a long-term dissemination and a contribution in scholarly sustainably. Indeed, it is emphasized the influence of the rewarded journal on knowledge dissemination in a long term.  The JMBR does appreciate very much to all praises and favors from a variety of fields. The JMBR would persistently endeavor to deal with every valuable manuscript carefully and control the quality of publication sustainably as well as provide a better publication to scholarly managerial research!

There are four articles collected in the Issue 37, Number 3 from the JMBR. The first publication from the JMBR is the “Neglected Forms of Dispositional Variable-Employee Outcome Relationships”. This research explores a possible proper situational at discussing “Dispositional variables” at previous research and the researchers often employ the “Continuous Model” and “Interacting Model” except to the “Fixed Model” at previous research. This research also indicates these models' research implication for the both fields of applied psychology and management.  The research data was collected from a sample of 215 employees and measured job satisfaction and four objective characteristics, namely gender, age, educational level and organizational tenure as well as four types of trait emotions, namely trait happiness, trait sadness, trait depression, and trait disgust of the employees at two time points from a sample of employees in a Chinese manufacturing company. The research explores, except the model of the “Fixed Model”, the relation between variables of the stable and job satisfaction is the “Continuous Model”, other is the “Interacting Model”. The findings of this research update viewpoints at the trait variables influencing employee's job attitude and behavioral model.

The second article is titled in “The Impact of Brexit Referendum on Mergers and Acquisitions of UK Firms”. It discusses how the impact of Brexit Referendum on mergers and acquisitions of the UK firms. This research based on the viewpoint at the micro and macro factors with thesamples of domestic (UK firms acquiring other UK firms) and cross-border (UK firms acquiring foreign firms) deals, included the deals announced between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2018 retrieved from the Securities Data Corporation (SDC), investigates into the impact of the pre-and-post-Brexit on the firms' activities. The empirical evidences demonstratethe UK firms acquiring target firms domiciled in countries with EU membership to maintain their access to European markets after the Brexit Referendum are more likely to complete the deals.

The third article is titled in “An Examination of Media Effects on the Real Estate Market”. This research collected real estate news in Taipei City and New Taipei City from January 2006 to December 2017 from the United Daily News Group and apply the method of text-mining technology to explore the relations between the media transmission and the market of real estate. The method of text-mining technology analyzed the qualitative data of the language tone and emotional expression by the media sentiment index through Chinese segmentation (tokenization), part-of-speech (POS) tagging, POS filtering, and calculation of term frequency to realize the marketer attitudes and also to predict marketer psychology. The researchers found that the media sentiment index has a significant impact on housing prices and time on the market, indicating that the media's attitude toward the housing market influences the participants' beliefs and also explored unexplainable element of the factors of macro-economic influencing on the trading real estate.

The forth article is titled in”Leveraging IT–enabled Service Innovation in a Highly Competitive Market”. This study examines strategy applied by firms to leverage emerging information technology (IT) for service innovation and focuses on the two applied strategic dimensions by the IT capability and complementary resources.The convenience store industry in Taiwan is an intensively competitive market as well as is derivative dynamic commercial actions of offence and defense under a severe business competition. The research, therefore, applied the method of case-studying to understand firms' IT capability by employing IT efficiently at promoting an innovative service by interviewing, analyzing, and reviewing relevant business comment and literature at the industry of convenience stores in Taiwan, critiquing at business strategies recently, tracking firms how changing business paths, and modifying business strategies. The research consequently concluded four types of strategy employed by firms to leverage IT-enable service innovation.


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