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List of “2022 JMBR Thesis Awardr
The list of the "JMBR Thesis Awardr” in 2022 is as follows:
Journal of Management and Business Research Best Paper of the Year

【Investigating the Relationships among Perceived Overqualification, Work Engagement, and Innovative Behavior: Moderating Effect of Promotion Focus】
38(1): 125-145
Authors: Shin-Guang Liang, Hsi-Fang Lai, Chien-Chung Lu, Po-Hsun Chen

【The Effects of Supplier R&D Capitalization on the Trade Credit and the Duration of Customer-Supplier Relationships】
38(2): 147-174
Authors: Chia-Hui Chen, Chaur-Shiuh Young, Liu-Ching Tsai

【The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Awards on Corporate Misbehavior】
38(2): 287-312
Authors: Ching-Yu Hsu, Yi-Chun Tsai

【The Effect of Policy Uncertainty on Corporate Cash Holdings: Evidence from Taiwan】
38(3): 381-409
Authors: Chien-Lin Lu, Chien-Pang Lee, Tzu-Hsuan Yeh

【Family Firms and CSR Specialization: Evidence from Taiwanese Listed Firms】
38(4): 445-476
Authors: Jyun-Ying Fu


Journal of Management and Business Research Best Paper of Practical Value

【Curating Social Experience: Fusing New and Incumbent Media Business Models】
38(3): 343-362
Authors: Su-Hua Ou


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