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Year Volume/ Number Title Author
2022 39 (2) The Effects of Political Advertising Aesthetics on Voter Perceptions, Attitudes, and Voting Intentions toward Candidates 周軒逸 Hsuan-Yi Chou呂姿穎 Tzu-Ying Lu
2020 37 (2) The Impact of Item Complementarity in Freebie Promotions on Value Discounting 劉信賢 Hsin-Hsien Liu
周軒逸 Hsuan-Yi Chou
2019 36 (1) Eat Hard not Soft Food: Effects of the Description of Oral Haptics on Calorie Estimation 周軒逸 Hsuan-Yi Chou
邱育佳 Yu-Chia Chiu
2019 36 (2) Effects of Economic Insecurity on Consumer Ethnocentrism 楊俊明 Chun-Ming Yang
2017 34 (4) Consumer Need for Authenticity: Conceptualization and Scale Development 馬友薏 Yu-Yi Ma
廖淑伶 Shuling Liao
2015 32 (1) The Relationships among Green Advertising Appeals, Self-reference, Green Brand Attitude, Green Buying Intentions and Consumers' Ecological Commitment 蔡進發 Chin-Fa Tsai
蕭至惠 Chih-Hui Hsiao
2014 31 (1) Effects of Comparability on Perceived Price Increases and Repurchase Intentions 劉信賢 Hsin-Hsien Liu
周軒逸 Hsuan-Yi Chou
2013 30 (4) The Study of Attachment Style, Brand Personality, Brand Attachment and Co-branding Evaluation from the Co-branding Perspective 蕭至惠 Chih-Hui Hsiao
蔡進發 Chin-Fa Tsai
粘清旻 Qing-Min Nian
2012 29 (6) The Effects of Advertising on Product Line Spillovers: The Role of Advertising Strategies, Brand Associations, and Attribute Presentation 劉宜芬 Yi-Fen Liu
2010 27 (6) The Impacts of Targeted Ad on a Monopoly's Vertically Differentiated Product Line and Media Strategies 陳其美 Chyi-Mei Chen
周善瑜 Shan-Yu Chou
吳奕慧 I-Huei Wu
林怡伶 Yi-Ling Lin


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